Kahala yoga

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Vedic Astrology Definition Nakshatra Vedic Mantras Yantras Rudraksha Kahala Yoga Understanding Kahala Yoga in Vedic Astrology This yoga occurs when one planet is the lord of 3rd house while other is the lord of any other house except the 6, 8 or 12th house otherwise then we will have dainya yoga. For ex- Jupiter in 3rd house and sun in 10th house will give:- - Good communication skills - Shorter as well as longer journeys - One will be very careful in signing the documents - One relation with the brother and father will be quite good - One can get government job - One can make mark in banking, financial sector or can go in for police or military service - One higher education will be quite good though this will depend on other factors as well - One will be lucky though this will depend on other factors as well - One will gain immovable assets though this will depend on other factors as well - One will attain leadership - One will pious and religious - One will have immense energy and passion Thus it can be seen that how this yoga enriches one life.

Strength of Kahala yoga If this planets are getting malefic aspects from enemy planets, then results will be either visible in low intensity or not at all visible which will further depends upon kind of malefic aspect this planets are getting in one birth chart. For ex- Malefic Saturn in 4th house and giving 7th aspect to 10th house will spoil the good qualities of 10th house and thus one will find it hard to get Govt job or it will tough to get selected in Military or police job.

Conspiracy will be higher at work place. Even with lot of hard work, one will not get recognition that he deserves. Manifestation of Kahala yoga This yoga will be visible when these 2 planets in this case Jupiter and Mars come in its original position in horoscope or when both this planets dasa-antardsasa comes in birth chart. Register to avail our services. Year Time of Birth Hour 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 Parivartan Yoga is a common factor in Astrology mostly yoga causing planet is Moon or Sun as they are the fastest moving among all the planets.

Though Parivartan Yoga is a positive and beneficial yoga in Astrology still its core result depends on the lordship of yoga causing planets. Parivartan Yoga increases the power of two houses and planets involved in yoga formation. If the involved houses and planets are the positive houses then the strength of the yoga will be beneficial which may make a person wealthy, fortunate and famous. But if yoga causing houses or planets are not good enough for the chart then it will make negative houses and planets stronger which may cause more misery and hardship in life.

There are total three types of Parivartan Yoga as per the house lordship. Dainya Parivartan Yoga : When the exchange is between one auspicious and another negative house 6,8,12 then it is called Dainya Parivartan Yoga.

That will give the instability in life, lack of fortune, misery, and struggle in life; Trouble can be related to finance majorly. In short 3 rd house involvement will have to be there in yoga causing planets.

kahala yoga

Third house represents courage, your effort, will power. Whenever third house gets activated in our chart we need to go through lots of hard work, put lots of self-effort. So Kahala Parivartan Yoga will make u work a lot which may give you rise in life.

Without making u sweat or going through hard time this yoga will not let you experience good time in life. This yoga works better in plotting, scheming, planning, and competing. For example, 7th and 9 th lord getting exchanged or 9 th and 11 th lord getting exchanged, where neither 3 rd house nor any negative houses got included.

In such exchange, both the houses and house lords get strengthen, provided neither of the yoga causing planets are getting debilitated or detriment. As both the house involved in this Parivartan Yoga are auspicious so the result of the yoga gives extreme rise in life of a person, with name, fame and wealth of course.

So all the new borns during this time going to get this Mutual exchange in their chart.

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kahala yoga

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Inspiring community, motivating instructors, and quick results will have you hooked in no time!Kahala Parivartana Yoga is one of the three types of Parivartana Yogas.

You can follow the link to read more about Parivartana Yoga. Parivartana yoga is formed when two lords of different houses mutually interchange places. That is they occupy the house of each other. If one of the lords is the 3rd lord and the other is a positive house lord, it forms a Kahala Parivartana Yoga.

This example involves the lords of the 2nd and 3rd houses. This yoga gives mixed results. According to Phaladeepika, the person is occasionally haughty and sometimes sweet in speech. The person has ups and downs in life. Kahala Parivartana Yoga between Mercury and Venus — lords of the 3rd and 4th houses. He was born the heir to the throne, but may never become King. Has this yoga between Mars and Saturn — lords of the 3rd and 5th houses.

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Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.There are a certain Positive Yogas implanted in each and every horoscope. It is because this Yoga has not blossomed or is rather activated negatively. Similarly, a rapist or molester might posses a nice Moksha liberation Yoga.

Whether it is a surgeon, butcher, or murderer, everyone will have the same kind of Yoga. As a resultthe Positive Yogas, which could impart good results, modified their traits and managed to move themselves to the dark side. This excellent Yoga is formed when the moon is in angle to Jupiter in a horoscope. Placement of moon in the 1 st4 th7 th or 10 th house from Jupiter forms Gajkesri Yoga. Now if a planet gets Shadastaka to the moon, then the thought process of the native gets negatively inclined as per the nature of the planet, whereas if a planet gets Shadastaka to Jupiter, the intelligence get altered in a negative way in accordance to the Shadastaka planet, which negatively activated the Yoga giving planets.

This Yoga evolves when seven planets occupy four houses of the chart. However when the four houses do not support mutually, it can get negative activation also. The placement of the Lords of the fourth and ninth houses are in complementary angles leads to the formation of this Yoga. A positive activation in a horoscope makes a person courageous, powerful, and affluent.

For this the ascendant Lord also needs to be powerful to complement this. As a result, the individual might become stupid. A foolish person might spend much time and labor in unpromising tasks and become loathsome.

Kahala Yoga and Effects of Kahala Yoga

A person with a Kamal Yoga is a master and Big Daddy of many arts. When all the planets are in the kendra angle to each other, the horoscope blesses native with Kamal Yoga.

Secrets of Kahal Yoga

All the angles of all the planets complement each other. Musala Yoga takes its form when all the planets takes the position in a particular sign Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. The characteristic of this Yoga is accumulation of money and assets. So, most of the people having this Yoga are prosperous and content.

When the planetary combinations make the debilitated planets, losing their debilitation, the native gets the Neech Bhang Yoga. There are several combinations responsible for this revival. A person having this Yoga most likely will become a King or an authoritative person. Many a times, Neech Bhang Raj Yoga becomes active negatively also. As as of it, the native will only a mirage of riches but will not reap its actual benefits. And also, Jupiter too, being the Lord of the 2 nd9 thand 11 th house, Kendra to the moon or Lagna.

It bestows immense wealth up on people having this Yoga. Native will not be able to enjoy the blessings of this Yoga. The intrinsically auspicious planets occupying 10th House either from the Moon or Lagna lead to the formation of this Yoga. The presence of this Yoga in a horoscope makes the native to enjoy the fame through out his life. An individual having this Yoga in his horoscope will enjoy full fame throughout his life.

Negative activation of this Yoga can blossom a person likewise of Robinhood. This is also known as Raj Yoga. The native with Kalanidhi Yoga is usually experts in various forms of arts and vogue, gets social respectfame and honor. On the other hand, negative activation or influence of this Yoga can lead the native to become a leader of evil troops.

Yogas are an important part of Hindu Vedic astrology.They are 22 degrees apart.

kahala yoga

Read my blog navagrahastro. Hello, Some texts say that kahala yoga means that fourth house lord should be in own house or in exaltation. It should be in conjunction with or aspected by tenth house owner. Some other texts say that ninth house lord should be in quadrant with 4th house lord and b. In your case,ninth house lord is in neecha.

Further ,the dispositor of Sukra is in 12th house.

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In your case,lagna is having average strength,but lagna lord moon is very strong in tenth kendra. You got Ruchaka yoga Mars is in 10th house and in own house. Sani in 12th house is partly spoiling lagna. You are having very high courage and dyanamism.

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You are lucky. You got only limited luck. Kahala yoga is high Punya yoga. Itis not possible to have it,in the present sinful world. Most of the present day rich yogas are formed due to second and eleventh houses and other malefic planets.

Kahala Yoga

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KS Guest. Sirs, Do I have Kahala yoga in my horoscope and is it auspicious? Dob : 31st Jan Time : TMR Moderator. You do not even have a touch of Kahala Yoga since the lord of fourth house is not in quadrant with Jupiter. Umamaheswara rao Guest. September 23, at am Reply. Raj Guest. March 30, at am Reply. Guest Guest. Thank You Sir…. Do I have Vimala Yoga in my horoscope?

I understand this is a Vipareeta Raja Yoga….

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