Pso2 unit sets

Account age rule: 24 hours. Installation Instructions. Official Patch Sites. I myself am going for either Union or Izane. The first piece of Union is easy to get. All you have to do is get a Ray unit for I think weapon badges Once you have that, you need an additional 50 badges to buy a Solo Profound Darkness trigger.

Beating that the first time will get you one Union badge from the boss drop, one extra union badge if you can S-rank it, and then a title that gives you four Union badges.

You need five Union badges per one unit. Just note. For newer or lesser equipped players, Solo PD trigger may be very difficult initially. I got it first go as a BO, but my BR buddy took 3 attempts before clearing. Get Quilphad then. It drops in the new Mama-desu EQ and the rate seems to be pretty good. Got an Arm and a Leg already from only 4 runs. Solo profound a couple of times and you can make them a bit better by turning them into union. Pvp has some 12 star units, I never pvped so I have no idea how long they take Stellar wall should be in title counter as they are also 12 star units.

Those are the few I can think of that are obtainable easily by setting your mind and goal to them. As a hero I think I'd aim for Ares the soul, modulator, stamina 3, power 3, and one of those power things from player shops. Probably noble power.Advanced Search.

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Overall best unit sets so far? Overall best unit sets so far? What unit sets are preferred for each stat related to them? Striking, ranged, tech Or any set that gives a hybrid stat allocation to all.

Please let me know if i'm posting this in the wrong forum category. The only thing I know is that Izane is the best defensive set.

Last edited by Flaoc; Nov 14, at AM. Some are starting to fall behind like Mother units which I think are completely outclassed statwise by a few alternatives. Izane is promoted a lot but I feel like it's overrated if I'm honest. It's good but I'd say it's niche. Originally Posted by Agent Falco. Step JA is pretty essential for Hunter, Fighter, Bouncer, Techer, and even Braver; since it frees up a few precious skill points for their already thinly stretched tree.

Force has a few different utility rings they can go for as well, I'll mention those later but Rod Shoot AMode can be useful in some situations, but since those situations are few and far between, I just keep it as a equippable option.

Roll so I can sometimes turn it off, because I feel like it occasionally eats inputs that my brain intended to be as a side-roll. Hunter Gear Save is nice, but you kinda can live without it I suppose.

Fighter is the original home of hot-swapping rings, not much I would really recommend to slot after air reversal and step JA.

Braver doesn't really need to slot anything specific either; just hot-swap between kombat count up and bullet bow homing. Generic Utility Rings: Just Reversal Blast is interesting since hitting stuff with it recovers some PP too, but I don't consider this important enough to slot Party of Toughness sounds fantastic even if you are only playing with one other person, but I wouldn't slot it if you like to go partyless often I forget I have Step Jump even slotted on some of my sets most of the time, and I think some of it's usefulness has been diminished recently; though I could see it being very useful for launcher users dive-roll canceling out of Cosmos Breaker sorry, kinda veered off on the topic of rings there a bit.

Granted, for Hero this concept isn't too good if you are risking your hero boost in the process. Originally Posted by Zorak Is a very good alternative considering how cheap it is.Although, it if common to assume that attacks can be a hybrid, that of which can be Striking and Elemental, the game only takes one type into consideration for the computation in regards to resistances.

Unlike the Rear, Arm, and Leg Unit categories, Sub Units are able to be equipped in any of the three Unit slots, allowing you to easily fill a Unit slot if you are lacking a specific type of Unit.

However, due to their flexibility, Sub Units do not physically display on the player, and they are typically weaker than Units of a dedicated type. Furthermore, Sub Units of high rarity are difficult to come across, with most being accessible through Phantasy Star Online 2es. Units of or higher can be affixed with a Ring Skill.

When taken to the Item Lab, the Left Ring can be destroyed and its Ring Skill at the level equivalent to the Ring's level at the time of affixing transferred to the Unit; when a Ring Skill is affixed, the player will permanently receive its effect as long as the Unit is being equipped. Ring Skills can be overwritten with other Ring Skills, removing the previous Ring Skill in the process.

Ring Skills do not consume Special Ability Slots.

pso2 unit sets

Category : Units. Remember me. Close Save changes. Rear Units. Arm Units. Leg Units. Sub Units. Set Effects.Account age rule: 24 hours. Installation Instructions.

Official Patch Sites.

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I'm wondering though, which units would i want to get? So far i got the legs from the badge shop. I'm also working on getting the red back from the battle shop. I'm missing arms from this list. These seem to be easiest ones to get but i also don't have much knowledge of the game so i could wrong. Any tips would be appreciated.

pso2 unit sets

A pretty solid setup all around would probably be 2x Qliphard units and 1x zeinesis or izane right now. The choice is up to you, I personally wouldn't go for either of what you listed, the red unit although gives 80 attack which is nice on paper, you get 0 pp and 0 hp forcing a pretty good hp and pp affix on some of your units.

And the badge shop units Affixing some extra hp and pp onto a Red Shine to make up for what it lacks is at the very least a lot cheaper on your wallet than getting a different rear and piling on an Atk stat instead especially S-Atk.

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As a relatively newer player, I found the super high Atk of the Red Shine was a god send for offloading the cost of getting decent Atk amounts onto something that cost battlecoins instead of meseta.

For OP, if you're a S-Atk class then the new Deus factor is super cheap right now and for the foreseeable future and is a great addition to add some S-Atk and hp to your units! It only feels higher because the quest is on more often right now. People always say that astra unit rates are minuscule and I'll have to agree on that seeing only like 3 in 1.

I don't have a screenshot of the Astra stuffs when they were throwing that EM at us, and I don't have anything for Zephyrus either, but Gracia was about 2. Will check Zenesis when it rolls around next time. As a reference, looking at one character's storage I have 5I counted 1 Astra and 6 Zeinese, 0 Qliphad.

Will trade Zeinese rear for leg! Anyways while my record seem like it goes with your claim, I have no idea what's on my other charas because I did have another chara on another ship for a while running Mother twice.Welcome to Flandrepedia. Please call an ambulance before it's too late.

pso2 unit sets

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Team Orders. Arks Road. Arks Road Astarte's Lesson. Shops Equipment Lab.Categories : UnitLists Incomplete. Remember me. Close Save changes. Rear Unit List. Arm Unit List. Leg Unit List. Sub Unit List. Fang Banshee Lv.

Unit List: Rear

Nagel Banther. Nagel Ong. Vol Dragon Lv. Vol Scale. Fin Volg. Quartz Dragon Lv. Razrail Ver2.

Unit List: Rear

Quartz Calibur. Quartz Calibur Ver2. Big Vardha Big Varder Lv. Mizer Ripper.

pso2 unit sets

Excelan Blade. Mizer Claw. Vardha Cannon. Mizer Bullet. Vardha Bit. Dark Ragne Lv. Ragne Answerer. Chrome Dragon Lv. Chrome Odio. Chrome Via. Chrome Evol.Advanced Search.

Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Unit-Set Guide. Unit-Set Guide Disclaimer: Spoiler! Disclaimer, this guide is by no mean my original.

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I only get the information from both JP wiki, and make it easier to understand for English players. Test data and information are all done by JP players. Last edited by Arika; Oct 29, at AM. Rare unit icons aren't showing. Thanks for the guide nonetheless.

It's probably not that they aren't showing up, but that they aren't done. If you look, no effects are listed in addition to the lack of images. Therefore it's probably just a placeholder for a future update. Thanks for the guide Arika. Originally Posted by IndigoNovember. Wow, the bonuses of the Ancient Set make the weapons stronger than the current best by a longshot.

From 3rd best to the best. Better start investing in S-DEF I see Striking and Shooting How can I possibly put a new idea into your heads, if I do not first remove your delusions?

Originally Posted by Aryube. Originally Posted by gigawuts. I'll take a ton more def for a smidge less atk any day. Unless you sit in 12 player MPA's for your entire session, in which case taking damage isn't a concern.

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