Windsurfing 2019

The rocker is designed for speed. The longer outline gives the DaBomb a balanced feel and allows you to easily get out through whitewater. We took a traditional, longer outline and a forgiving, early-planing rocker and added select modern features, like a cutoff tail for easier jibing.

The shorter the board, the faster it spins.

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Fabien cut the nose and tail off the Twister, and Anthony was able to pull radical tricks in the testing. We wanted to make a faster Rocket, so we made it shorter, wider, thinner.

The end result is a marriage of freeride and speed: fast in the straights, soft to ride and easy to jibe. The Rocket offers the easy freedom of windsurfing. The Rocket works with any kind of sail, from a no-cam wave sail to full-cam freeride. Easy to use, and accessibly priced, the Bullitt is the perfect board for new windsurfers or as a family board that the kids can learn on and mum and dad can use as well. The Manta is a no-compromise racing board built for our team of pro riders to beat their competitors.

Also the very talented wave and freestyle […]. Congratulations on winning the […]. JH: Wow, congratulations Thomas. He came to […]. Over the past week our slalom team was racing during the first PWA slalom event of this year in Marignane, France. Easy-to-use classic freeride board The Rocket offers the easy freedom of windsurfing. Flying performance. Flying sensation.

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windsurfing 2019

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Windsurfing During A Massive Storm In Ireland - Red Bull Storm Chase 2019

Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Privacy Overview. Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.Each year, the Regatta strives to promote the windsurfing industry, racing and recreational sailing on for national and international participants.

Of course, the Music Festival is for people to enjoy music. The festival is free to the public.

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All operating revenue comes from sponsors, registrations, food vendor fees and beverage sales, so remember to celebrate - and shop - local! You'll have a front row seat to the windsurfing races, experience tasty eats, and of course stay for the music. The intent was to introduce a unique water sport focusing on our lake and to introduce the community to an unvarnished style of music. The festival has been a big success, bringing surfers from throughout the world. We have had the honor of hosting 3 US National Windsurfing Championships in our 16 years of doing the festival, however the Regatta saw struggles on the music side.

In order for the festival to sustain, the board of directors re-wrote the bylaws a few years ago to enable a different style of music. We removed the "unvarnished" requirement, enabling us to bring in different music. The intent was to bring in broader based music and hopefully bring more people in to town to purchase our beverages and possibly even spend the night or two. With the new music format, the Regatta has seen consecutive record crowds and overwhelming response.

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A reminder the festival is free to the public. It all started back inwhen Worthington hosted the National Windsurfing Championships on Lake Okabena; decorated beach chairs were popular among spectators so inthe chair theme was set to expand.

The chair auction was started by The Globe and they continue to coordinate the event today. Local businesses sponsor a chair, in the traditional Adirondack form, each procuring their own local artists to create a piece of art. Then, each chair is auctioned off during the Regatta weekend, with proceeds going to a nonprofit predesignated by The Globe. Worthington Flags of Freedom Project. June Racing all day Food vendors open Beer tent open Media tent open.

windsurfing 2019

This event is FREE and open to the public, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and beverage sales. The local Olson Park and Campground allows for reservations. You can also find a full list of hotel lodging options within the Worthington area here.

Sweet Siren Bootleg Ben Johnson Up South Parmalee Good For Gary Capital Sons County Line Drive Mojo Monks Neal McCoy Shane Martin Drop Tailgate Shotgun Drama Junkies Josh Thompson The National Racing Tour NRT is a series of major events throughout the year and around the country, with points counting toward national standings at the end of each year. The events of the NRT are in the process of being finalized. Stay tuned! As a kite boarder I have become very interested in the wind and wind related sports.

I came across your website and information about your race series. I would be very interested to speak with you about your location selection process and the possibility of hosting an NRT event in Escanaba, Mi. Please feel free to call or email. Thanks Rick Elrod Your email address will not be published.

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View All Events. National Racing Tour. Rick Elrod says:. December 10, at am. SG says:. January 24, at am. JeromeS says:. January 29, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

April 25 am - April 26 pm. May 2 am - May 3 pm. May 8 am - pm. May 16 am - May 17 pm. Orange Bowl Regatta. Clearwater Midwinters.

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Walleye Wagatta. Worthington Regatta and Music Festival. Grosse Pointe Regatta. US Sailing Youth Championship.Big WInds has been the go-to place for windsurfing boards, windsurf sails, rig components, windsurf foiling gear, and, of course, used windsurfing equipment - for over 30 years! Get advice from experienced experts every day!

Check out our used windsurf gear selection or head for the windsurfing closeout department. There's a lot to this stuff! Our team of experts is available everyday to give you the best gear advice on the planet. Call us and see for yourself Awesome Service Our Goal is creating lifelong customers.


Our lineup has standouts from Duotone, Goya and Naish! Booms, bases, extensions and more from Chinook, Goya, and Duotone. Choose your foil specific sails from Goya, Duotone, Sailworks and Naish. Find wind foils and packages from Slingshot, NeilPryde, Fantic.


Footstraps, hardware and spare parts for your foil setup. Great deals on used windsurf boards, sails, and rig parts. Find your next piece of gear at bargain prices in our sale department. Get started or up your game with a windsurfing lesson from our expert staff.

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The birth and subsequent growth of stand-up-paddling brought about a positive and much needed injection of interest into watersports in general. One of the key drivers was that it was easy to understand, and more importantly easy to access, bringing the sport into the mainstream.

Simply grab a board and paddle, and away you go! And with the first boards that hit the market being long and wide, the early-adopting windsurfing brands quickly realised there was an opportunity for some crossover between the two sports. Rapid progression in the SUP market soon highlighted stark differences and conflicts in design directions between the two sports. A wave specific SUP for example, would be highly rockered for best performance, with soft rails in all but the tail, to grip the water during transition.

Meanwhile the SUP all-rounder felt more of a compromise than ever, not really offering any upside in windsurfing, other than a board to pootle around on in light winds.

All this was to change with the advancement of inflatable SUP often referred to as iSUP technology, leading to a meteoric growth in their prominence.

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A deck-plate fixing and removable central fin were all that was required to transform the iSUP into an ideal light-wind platform with which to teach friends and family members how to windsurf. That new and exciting direction is foiling. With the foiling accessibility that all watersports now enjoy, the tables have once again turned, focussing on the potential a hard board windSUP can offer. Most crucially, their design no longer needs to be compromised — shape the rail and rocker for surf performance, because once the board is in the air and being used as a wind foil platform, those design parameters no longer have a bearing.

Sure, the board may be a little sticker to release, but just optimise the setup and learn to pump the foil to compensate! Encourage the kids onto the water, and hopefully novelty may well become the habit of the future. In years past, we came to the conclusion that 4. The upside is that they then glide more efficiently in the light stuff, and remain stiffer at lower pressures.

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Irrespective of which thickness you opt for, always try to use a knuckle-joint UJ with your inflatable windSUP, to avoid putting undue pressure on the deck-plate fixing in the board. A noticeable correlation in the hard boards on test is that all bar one are based on the compact design concept, with stubby noses and tails and parallel rails. Even the Sealion the exception to the rule has an outline focussed around a compact concept that originates in surfing, retaining width and volume in the tail.Introducing our newest addition to the foil family: the F4 Racing Foil.

A fully evolved, high-performance racing experience, shaped and crafted through months of development, CFD simulations and water testing. We have reduced drag by integrating the fuselage into the front wing, as well as the tail adjustment within the foil.

The High Modulus Carbon construction makes it the stiffest foil ever produced. The F4 Racing stands for power, speed, balance and control on all courses and racing formats. Ultra lightweight water helmet designed for water sports with maximum safety, comfort and performance. It also comes with a twist tightening system, adjustable chin straps and removable EVA ear pads for a perfect fit and functionality.

Windsurf Sails Flight AL. Flight F4 EVO. Flight F4 Racing. Spare Parts. Youth Cortex Rise Rashguards. Accessories Harnesses. Impact Vests. Flotation Vests. Kitesurfing Accessories. Windsurfing Accessories. Athletes International Rider Team. National Rider Team.

windsurfing 2019

Your cart is empty. View all products. Race riding: Evolved. Size: Small. View product details. Small Medium Large. Size: XS. Color: C1 Black. Read more. Alex Maes Read more. Antoine Albeau Read more. Meet our athletes!

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